Best Fitness Band Under Rs. 1500

In the fast world, that is a contest to be fit and healthy, to catch the bus on career trail, fitness bands are the newest inventions to keep up with the ever-growing speed. With a range of companies hustling to make the best fitness band and gearing up with new changes, you might be thinking they are extremely expensive. We are here to set down some of the best fitness band under Rs. 1500, and change your former thought. 

Benefits of the best fitness bands

These wearable devices help you monitor your fitness and health without being extra and are extremely lightweight and in trend. Audible alarms that remind you of the day’s schedule are just another plus point. If you are yet to be convinced of their uses, let’s look through the following points. 

Enhances thoughts on health and well being

It is a perfect match for your office environment, where productivity is prioritised. In between hectic schedules, it also keeps reminding you about your health and keeps a record of your routine. A mix of work culture and wellness makes them such hype. 

Disease management 

If you suffer from a chronic health disease like diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure or others, a fitness tracker is your friend. They help in monitoring the intake, heart rate and exercise limits of your body, thus pushing you towards a fitter lifestyle. A track record of your illness is the best you can expect. Be self-reliable with one of these. 

Conditioning you for healthier habits

Most of us lose track of our habits and shift towards the unhealthy side. The feature to track the number of steps not only motivate you to cross everyday limits but also adds in a gaming feel. You challenge yourself to get better and thus get melded into a healthier lifestyle. 

Health Care Cost Saved

You will not need technicians to check your blood pressure or heart rate. This new technology is being used every where and people are striving towards growing better and doing it alone and conveniently. Save some money by buying a great activity tracker.

All the points might have convinced you of its usefulness but might have added the thought about its price. Let’s not worry about that because we have created a list on the best fitness bands, under Rs. 1500.  

Check the list to find some of the best fitness band under Rs.1500 available in the market. 

List on best fitness band under Rs. 1500

Best Fitness Band-1 Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Unisex Activity Tracker

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Unisex Activity Tracker SWD90059PP05 / SWD90059PP05

Fastrack is one of the most reliable brands known to keep up with the technological advancement of the world. It has also introduced a fitness band. This activity tracker allows GPS tracking that connects it to your phone and allows you to locate it anytime. This feature of it is called the phone finder option and is extremely advanced and helpful for those who tend to misplace their phones easily. It has got a bag of new features, including camera control and a daily activity tracker. All of the features in addition with its cool design does justice to the name as a fitness tracker. The sporty look will add to your good vibes, and not to forget it is affordable.


  1. Screen size – 0.96 inches
  2. Battery life – Up to 10 days
  3. Phone finder
  4. Camera control function
  5. Sedentary reminder
  6. Sleep tracker
  7. IPX6 water-resistant
  8. 1-year warranty


  1. An extremely attractive design, which catches the eye and goes with all kinds of fashion choices. 
  2. Has message and call notification functions, thus you can receive all your texts without having to search for your phone in your bag. Moreover, in a meeting you can always dismiss a call without looking inattentive. 
  3. Great compatibility, and is compatible with a wide range of phone models, starting from Moto 5G series to Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro.
  4. Water resistance, made with plastic and is touch screen, thus one more box ticked on your check list. 
  5. The newest phone finder technology thus say bye to worries about losing your phone. 
  6. A large OLED display check your steps or texts without having to squint at a small place. 
  7. Sleep cycle tracker keeps a record of the daily hours of rest. 
  8. It can also be customised according to your wish, thus can be lifestyle modified. 


  1. No heart rate tracker available, which can be counted as a major negative feedback. 

Best Fitness Band-2 realme Band (Green)

realme Band (Green) – Full Colour Screen with Touchkey, Real-time Heart Rate Monitor, in-Built USB Charging, IP68 Water Resistant

This fitness band belongs to a well named company Realme. The band has some great features but falls in the low budget spectrum. The screen size, the battery backup and other technical facets of the device is good for use. Moreover, it has an automated reminder setting that asks you to walk when resting for too long. The design is also catchy and soothes the eye. With a lightweight design and great mechanism, it is the best buy when considering a budget under Rs. 1500. Check ahead to know the features in detail and get convinced on why this has such great reviews.


  1. Weight – 18.1 g
  2. Screen Size – 0.96 inches
  3. Battery life – 10 days
  4. Stylish design
  5. Heart rate monitor
  6. IP68 water-resistant
  7. 1-year warranty


  1. Great build, and from premium materials. Thus, you need not worry about rough using and wear and tear. 
  2. Is enabled with a smart notifications feature, and you get all the notifications on it without having to open your phone. 
  3. Has an usb direct charging function that makes it easier to charge and handle. You can charge directly by using a USB port. 
  4. An automated reminder that pushes you to better health by reminding you to walk when sitting at one place for too long. 
  5. A touch button that makes the display simple and a beautiful interface and easier handling. 
  6. Heart rate monitor to track your heartbeat and keep a record of your health.
  7. Equipped with sports mode, where you can choose your sports and it will track, respectively. It has 9 sports modes including yoga, cricket, walking, running, etc.
  8. Also has a sleep senser to record the hours of rest. 
  9. With a battery life that lasts at a stretch for 10 days. 
  10. Attractive design with colour choices. 


  1. No cons, it is truly the best buy in the market. 

Best Fitness Band-3 Mi Band 3 (Black)

Mi Band 3 (Black)

The Mi band 3 by Xiaomi is the hot selling activity tracker in the market. With astounding features, it is competing with all other companies and their creations. The great buy is affordable with an amazing display and many other features in its bag. A one touch finger that allows you to access all necessary data. With automatic heart rate manager and other features along with a long-lasting battery makes it worth its price. A cool design and waterproof technology allows you to surf and swim along with it, and it can keep tracking your health. 


  1. Weight – 18.1 g
  2. Screen size – 0.78 inches
  3. Battery life – Up to 20 days
  4. Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring
  5. Real-time activity tracking
  6. 5ATM water-resistant
  7. Compatible with Android and iOS
  8. 1-year warranty


  1. A long lasting battery life that survives for 20 days at a stretch. It also has a nine days of battery backup. 
  2. Is equipped with a weather forecast feature that helps you get notified before making any plans. 
  3. Finding phone option helps in ringing your phone and locating it thereby reducing chances of misplacing it. 
  4. An extremely comfortable and adjustable strap that always makes it lightweight and easy to wear. 
  5. Water-resistant, which keeps it secure for up to a depth of 50 meters, go surfing wearing it without any worries. 
  6. All general features like heart rate monitoring and sleep cycle tracking. 
  7. Call and notification alert directly on the band without any hustle to unlock your phone. 
  8. 0.78” OLED touch screen that supports amazing display. 


  1. Some reviews mention that the heart rate senser is not accurate and up to the mark. 

Best Fitness Band-4 HolyHigh Fitness Band

HolyHigh Fitness Band Heart Rate & Sleep Monitor Smart Band with Call Whatsapp Messages Alert Digital Watch Step Counter Calorie Counter Smart Fitness Tracker for Men’s Women Boy Girl

A smart band that is always your perfect partner. Along with cool features that help you track your health and push you on a wellness routine it also enables you to capture all your memories without having to touch the phone. Is extremely user friendly and has optimum brightness level, and great screen display so that it does not harm your eyes. Manages your social life by enabling you to view all calls and texts, and your health life where it records your sleep cycles and heartbeats. Get this waterproof, and colourful tracker at the minimum price that will be added on your list as a great buy. 


  1. Weight – 15 g
  2. Battery life – 8 days
  3. IP68 water-resistant
  4. Real-time Heart Rate Monitor
  5. 14 sport modes
  6. Adjustable screen brightness
  7. GPS tracking
  8. Camera remote control
  9. 1-year warranty


  1. An accurate and efficient heart rate monitor that keeps a track of your health. ‘
  2. Completely water resistant and allows you to wear it while swimming. Track your health even when underwater. 
  3. Calls, messages and alarms all come directly to it allowing you to receive them without having to look for your phone. 
  4. Easily charged with a USB plug and a battery that is lasts for eight plus days. 
  5. 14 sports types that allows you to choose the type of sport you are in mood for and it will do the tracking, respectively. These include football, yoga, cycling, walking etc. 
  6. A sleep tracker that helps you reinvent your sleep cycle and keeps a record of the daily amount of rest. 
  7. Premium quality material that is the signature of the brand. 
  8. Cool style that is lightweight and tough and can be worn at all times. 


  1. It is supposed to have a 5 level brightness function, but viewers have complained about brightness issues previously. 

Best Fitness Band 5 MevoFit Drive Fitness Band & Smart Watch

MevoFit Drive Fitness Band & Smart Watch: Smart-Watches with Fitness-Tracker-Bands for Men-&-Women | Activity-Pedometer

This perfect fit and stylish band is not only available in a variety of colour choices but is also equipped with a variety of features. It’s a perfect fit that bags all the features you look for in a fitness tracker. With sleek design and active display it is a budget worthy buy for you. A sleep tracker that allows you to record the hours of rest you get and an app that also keeps your record on your phone. Check the features to know more about this buy. 


  1. Weight – 4.54 g
  2. Screen size – 0.91 inches
  3. Battery life – 6 days
  4. IP67 water-resistant
  5. Anti-lost function
  6. All-day activity tracker
  7. 1-year warranty


  1. Extremely lightweight with great design that enables you to function with it at all times. 
  2. Equipped with anti lost function and allows you to track your phone. 
  3. Great display and easy maintenance. Equipped with a water-resistant and scratch-proof OLED display.
  4. Capable of tracking and counting steps, calories, sleep hours, etc.
  5. An additional app that includes healthy recipes and motivates you to walk the path of health. 
  6. Get all calls, texts and emails on your tracker and forget your phone whiler working during the day. 
  7. A warranty from a good brand that keeps its promise. 
  8. Easily chargeable by plugging in to your computer or laptop at the end of the day.
  9. Sleek design and lightweight with a choice of colours, including orange and purple. 


  1. It does not have a heart rate monitor that works as a major back step when competing with other activity trackers. 

Best Fitness Band-6 SBA VA- 250806 Smart Intelligent M4 Fitness

SBA VA- 250806 Smart Intelligent M4 Fitness | Activity | Tracker | Band Steps, Calorie – Step Counter, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate – Sleep Monitor OLED Screen for Men Women Boys Girls

This is a buy that is extremely pocket friendly and has the basic components of a fitness tracker. It has a good display with optimum brightness that will not hurt the eye. Moreover, the design and composition are attractive that goes with all age groups and all genders. The lightweight band can be called a family band because anyone can wear it. It takes care of your health by tracking your day to day activities, like walking and running. The record motivates you to challenge yourself to get better at it. If you are looking for something cheap that has the basic features, this is the right choice. 


  1. Package Dimensions-7 x 5 x 3 cm; 60 Grams
  2. Batteries-1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  3. Compatible Devices-Laptops
  4. Special Features-Bluetooth Tethering, Primary Camera, USB
  5. Display Technology-LCD
  6. Battery Cell Composition-Lithium Ion
  7. Device interface – primary-Touchscreen
  8. Form Factor-Smartphone
  9. Item Weight-60 g


  1. 0.96 inch TFT IPS color screen with a good display setting. Good size with bright colours.
  2. Tracks all day activities, like running, walking, jogging, etc. It also counts the number of steps climbed. 
  3. Get the notifications for calls and texts on the band. 
  4. Alarm and reminder facilities also available on the fitness tracker.
  5. This is waterproof and you can wear the activity tracker while swimming. It fits perfectly on your hand and is a great design with waterproof technologies. 
  6.  The Smart watch band with an inbuilt USB charging, and can function for 7 days at once. 


  1. No presence of heart tracker facility, provided by this company at this price. 

Buying Guide

While buyting a fitness tracker look for the features you seek in it. 


It should have all the necessary trackers as that is its primary job.


Should be lightweight that allows you to wear it throughout the day.


Enabling you to wear it during various sports including swimming. 


We have saved you from the struggle of finding the perfect match in a fitness tracker. This article on the best fitness band under Rs. 1500 helps you choose any of the above, each one great in its own way. 

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