Google Maps Provides Real-Time Updates of Public Transit Information

Google Maps Provides Real-Time Updates of Public Transit Information

Techworld Post – The commuters are now facilitated with the latest Google Maps service that is equipped with more complete information. This Google Maps features allow users to see traffic condition on the route before they leave. Then, you will be given specific travel information such as real-time updates on public transportation so you know where they are.

Google Maps on Android-based and iPhone-based smartphones with this new features can save your travel time. This latest Google Maps facility allows you to know the positions of buses or trains in the city and whether they come a little earlier or even late. In addition, you will be notified if there are delays in departure or disruptions to the commuter line.

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The app displays a new “Commuter” tab that provides all the important information you need. You can find out the train departure schedule and traffic conditions. If it turns out that the trip takes longer than usual, the application will send an alert. Then, the application will provide an alternate route before you leave your home or office.

For you music fans, Google Maps provides facilities that are integrated with music applications such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music. The ease you can get, you don’t need to exit Google Maps and switch between applications to listen to music. Google Maps allows you to listen to the application inside the app. Thus, you can still listen to music while monitoring the trip with a digital map.

Gradually, Google will provide this facility starting from 80 countries in the world and will be extended to other regions. In Sydney, Google Maps is even able to tell the capacity of bus or train passengers. There is a slight difference in functionality between iOS and Android users. Android users can activate real-time notifications about travel disruptions. This week, updates will be available on the iPhone and Android.

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